About Us

AVEVAI Pte Ltd was established in 2018 with founders from various background in industries such as automotive, aviation, logistics & distribution, information technology and others. The founding team formed a new venture, where they will bring each of their experiences, skills, strength and resources to achieve their vision.


The company focuses in a few key industries like new energy vehicles, logistics, R&D on graphene and in AI machine learning technology. To complete the vision, the company created four pillars to make this startup a success.

The main 4 focuses are

  • Software

  • Hardware

  • AI machine learning & driverless technology

  • Graphene energy management system

The Ambition

AVEVAI has started by developing EVs for light commercial purposes. The first two models, a van and a truck, were named IONA.

Next to that, the development of logistics software and operating systems is in progress, this for future integration into EVs. The logistics industry will depend on this system, which will enable the use of AI machine learning technology in EVs, this to cut costs.

The ambitious vision has all the right pillars to support it. With the creation of IONA, AVEVAI is able to work on R&D of graphene in EV batteries, an operating system for the EV and driverless technology. AVEVAI is always searching for new innovative products and services from other companies  with similar goals and vision. AVEVAI plans to bring many exciting new products to the market globally.

Core Values


Innovate, Create & Lead
Affordability, functionality, smart technology driven and efficient products are priority choices for businesses. AVEVAI is the right company for businesses.


Innovation gives AVEVAI a competitive advantage. The collaboration with other great minds across the industry will lead to benefits for all.


Our business depends on understanding the industry needs, solid partnership and the ability to shift quickly to market demand.


It is our goal to build a strong brand in the field of electric powered vehicles, driverless technology and artificial intelligence with advanced data collection and analytics, making AVEVAI a key player in the industry.


Eliminate the industry problems by solving the issues with creative solutions. Ease the financial burden by tailor-made financing solutions for each client.


Responsibility is essential to what we do. We are committed to minimizing our impact on the environment. Thus, investing into graphene research is key.

What We Do

Autonomous Vehicle

Driverless vehicle technology is already out, but the general public’s trust in the system is still a major obstacle. AVEVAI is partnering with the leaders of driverless technology to improve safety and the logistics knowhow to be used in the logistics industry. AVEVAI plans to cooperate with the National university of Singapore and EVAS for electric charging station and autonomous LCEV technology testing.

Electric Vehicle

The world needs a faster transition to sustainable energy. An electric vehicle starts with a huge advantage over an internal combustion engined vehicle: ICE vehicles generally run at about 20% efficiency, meaning that 80% of the energy is wasted, where EVs put around t 80% of their energy into turning the wheels. We are giving our part to society to work toward sustainable energy.

Artificial Intelligence

Future advanced data analytics systems and autonomous smart driverless vehicles can be utilized to bring the logistics services like route planning, pick up drop off and consolidation of cargo into highly efficient and cost savings for the e-commerce industry. AVEVAI is working to develop this AI technologies with the industry leaders.

Operating System

AVEVAI believes future integration of the different systems and data exchanges are the most important feature in a commercial vehicle. Each client will have access to an already made list of systems that can be customized to their needs. Commercial vehicle customers see connectivity as an ever-increasing requirement in OS of a vehicle.


Avevai signed a manufacturing partnership agreement with China Foton Motor Co. Ltd. IONA is built in the FOTON manufacturing facilities in Shangdong, China. Our R&D division collaborates with Singaporean research companies at international levels, specialized in the automotive and electric mobility sector. The projects we are working on mainly focus on prototyping complete solutions (innovative electric vehicles for specific applications or sectors) as well as testing individual components and equipment (motors, control electronics, batteries, range extenders, remote diagnostics, etc.) and special materials (graphene technology such as battery)