The Graphene Green Quantum Cell (GEMS12/24)

(GEMS12/24) is a revolutionary starter battery that can be a drop-in replacement of the Standard Lead Acid (SLA) battery currently used in petrol/diesel powered, and hybrid automobiles.

GEMS12/24 does not contain environmentally harmful lead and sulfuric acid. It has a life span of over 6 years, considerably longer than SLAs and weighs in at approximately 6-10kg, a fraction of an SLA’s weight.

Compared to SLAs, the GEMS12/24 provides higher torque/horsepower, more complete combustion of air/fuel mix, and reduce fuel consumption.

The most significant advantage of GEMS12/24 is its ability to reduce emission of harmful pollutants.

  • The ability of GEMS12/24 to significantly reduce harmful emissions has been verified by two independent testing laboratories.
  • In both tests, the test vehicle emission was measured first with the car running with an SLA installed and later an e-Synergy GEMS12/24.
  • The VICOM Emission Testing Lab (VETL) in Singapore tested a 6.5 year old, petrol powered BMW. The TUV NOD test was done in Dusseldorf Germany using 5 year old, diesel powered Volkswagen. A summary of the test results and copies of the actual reports are shown below.